MunchPak Review: December 2014


MunchPak is an international snack subscription box delivered monthly.  Subscriptions start at $21, and, for an extra fee, you can choose what types of snacks and ingredients you want included or excluded.


I cannot ever get enough Cadbury. If only they had vending machines here like they do in London… Probably a good thing they don’t! I had the chocolate flavor of the bear biscuits last month and they were super tasty. Even though I’m a huge fan of taro, I haven’t been brave enough to try the candy.


I like how the chips are “unmistakably” onion and cheese flavored. This month’s box also included gummies and a green tea wafer bar.


Nugs! This made me laugh. Nugs are a prominent fixture in my favorite video game franchise, only they’re pink little pig-type creatures, not candy bars! I kept the koalas for myself, but I always pass on the wasabi peas.


A strange fruit candy was included this month, as well as a delicious-looking toffee chocolate bar, coconut wafers, and a Croatian chocolate bar that I sent to my Croatian friend.

Verdict: MunchPak is one of the best. subscription boxes out there. I love finding new favorite snacks; I’m still dreaming about vanilla Italian wafer Balconi bars from a few months ago…


MunchPak Review: October 2014

MunchPak is a monthly international snack subscription. They’re my favorite food box and, apparently, yours too – I keep getting requests for “more posts about those snacks!”


You can choose the Original MunchPak (12+ snacks) for $21/month + shipping or the FamilyPak for $39/month (22+ snacks). I subscribe to the MunchPak Mini, which is no longer available to new subscribers, for my office. For a fee, you can customize preferred or non-preferred ingredients, such as nuts, spicy, foreign snacks, etc. You can also add on tea or coffee.


This MunchPak is my favorite so far! I would eat everything in it. Thank God my co-workers are gracious enough to take these tasty treats off my hands; otherwise I’d be in trouble.


We got our monthly Hi-Chew fix – cherry this time! – along with a chocolate pound cake and a hazelnut cream bar.


Happy Halloween! I’m wondering which colleague of mine will eat the gummy eyeball… I stole the wafers for myself, but shared the gummy candy and pound cake…


…which has hilarious writing on it.


Some tasty Cheeto balls, peanut snacks, and chocolate-filled wafers (another item I pilfered – I try to only steal one but this month had too much good stuff) and we had a successful snack frenzy on our hands!


You can find out more about MunchPak’s snacks on their website.

Verdict: I look forward to MunchPak every month, and they’re only getting better!

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MunchPak: July 2014 Review


MunchPak sends a monthly mix of international food and candy. They have different sizing options, starting at $21; I order the smallest – the MunchPak Mini – for the office.


I think I’ve gotten Hi Chews in every MunchPak so far. Not that I’m complaining – I can’t get enough of them, and they go pretty quickly. MunchPak discovers the most obscure and delicious Combos and Pretz flavors. The shortbread was a tasty touch.


When they aren’t introducing international snacks (pineapple candy! wasabi peas! mochi!), MunchPak is bringing me back to my childhood (Cap’n Crunch! animal crackers!). I enjoy the mix of new tastes and nostalgia.

Verdict: MunchPak is something I look forward to every month. Their snacks are unique and surprising and a big hit around the office. I can’t wait to see what they send next!

MunchPak: June 19, 2014 Review


MunchPak is a monthly assortment of snacks from around the world. You can choose from three different sizes. I buy the smallest, the Mini, for my office at $7.95 plus shipping, and it weighs about a pound.


I have my MunchPak sent to work and always share with the folks at the shipping center before I take pictures, so not shown is a pineapple cake from Mexico and some chewy candy from Germany. I was excited to see Combos in the Pak – a blast from my past! The shrimp crisps were incredibly shrimpy, as promised; I couldn’t eat more than one. And I wasn’t brave enough to try the salad Pretz. Luckily we have a wide range of tastes in our office, so nothing goes to waste.


What I love is that even when MunchPak does include snacks from the US, it’s something fun and unusual like these dessert flavored Skittles. I’d never seen them before. The Hi-Chews are a perennial favorite with us, and the Jelly Tots were quite tasty! No takers on the blue paint candy yet, though maybe someone will summon up the courage after one of our Wine Fridays.


Verdict: MunchPak is a fun treat at a great price, curated by friendly people. I recommend it to share with friends, family, or coworkers!

MunchPak: May 29, 2014 Review

MunchPak, you are too good to us! They sent my co-workers and me a snack pack after I told them how quickly we devoured the last one. These guys are so sweet and I’m proud to be a subscriber.


Now on to the goods!


These photos are missing the Japanese gummies and Latin American cheese corn chips that came in the box. That’s because I couldn’t even get the MunchPak out of my building’s shipping center without wanting to share its bounty. I tried the squid peanut cracker things on the left; they’re not bad!


I can’t resist those koalas. They’re the one thing I keep to myself in every box. The smog balls were super sour, the fruit pastilles incredibly sweet, and the Hi-Chew was a nice, juicy mango flavor. No one has been brave enough to try the sherbet yet…


My co-workers and I go through snacks pretty quickly, but this jump rope-sized strawberry licorice may prove a challenge. The Jamoncillo and sesame snaps were quickly snapped (ha) up, but I think we’re hesitating on the sandwich cookies with banana creme filling. Then again, if it’s in a MunchPak, it must be good!

Verdict: MunchPak is a fun, inexpensive way to try new snacks. Subscriptions start at $8 (plus shipping) – at $14 a month, your tastebuds can travel the world. Customer service is prompt and friendly. I’d rank MunchPak in my all-time top three subscription boxes. Thanks again, guys!

MunchPak: May 22, 2014 Review

MunchPak offers weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscriptions to fun, foreign snacks and candy. Subscriptions start at $8 + shipping for a Mini, which is what I subscribe to monthly.
This month’s pack came wrapped in a Japanese newspaper, which was a cool touch!

It included two fruit chew candies, Old Bay chips (which I dove into immediately), prawn crackers (thanks to a babysitting incident where a kid put some first in his mouth then in mine I cannot eat these), seaweeed crackers, chocolate sandwich cookies, and two sour candies.

Verdict: I love the variety of snacks MunchPak offers. There are things I would never would have found on my own, and it would be a hefty task to try to assemble such a mix of goodies. That’s why I’d much rather MunchPak do it for me! I bought this subscription to share with my co-workers, but will definitely be sampling some snacks.

MunchPak: May 12, 2014 Review

MunchPak (aka Munch Pack or MunchBox) is a snack subscription box featuring foods from around the world.  Starting at $7.95, it’s available in three sizes and can be shipped weekly, biweekly,  or monthly.


MunchPak kindly sent me a box to review. I believe it’s the FamilyPak,  or at least I hope it is; it’s enormous!


I love that MunchPak features international snacks. The ketchup chips bring me back to my travels in Canada, and the snack rings are from Thailand.


I’m not sure if they went with a color scheme on purpose but this turned out to be a pretty picture to take. I sanctioned the Cow Tale for a coworker and kept the Twizzlers for myself.


I’m quite the Haribo fan and had never seen their gummies in this form before. Of course I had to sample the entire package in less than 5 seconds. Delicious.


Did I eat this cherry Airheads for breakfast? Yes. Do I have any regrets? Not a one. Also the Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are straight after my own heart, and I dig the retro candy.


Another coworker of mine got me hooked on the Lotte koala cookies. I’m happy to report that Hello Panda is just as tasty, especially when eaten all at once.

Verdict: Receiving this MunchPak was truly Christmas in May. If I’d had any sense I would have taken a picture of the entire stash because it was quite the haul. As it was, I was too excited to share it at work. An hour after dropping it off, all that remained of its former glory were a few ketchup chip crumbs. MunchPak is the Bark Box for candy and snack lovers. It’s a great alternative to Graze Box if you’re looking for larger volume and fun, international choices. I wish they’d include a card or blog link explaining some of their choices (I’d love to know how the minds of MunchPak work). I was impressed enough to buy a monthly subscription. My tastebuds are thrilled!