Julep Maven: April 2015 Review

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish and beauty box from Julep, which happens to be a Seattle company. Subscriptions start at $20 a month.

IMAG1568I joined Julep Maven a few years ago, back when you were allowed to skip any months where you didn’t like the products (new customers have limited skips). I’ve skipped quite a few boxes, but when I saw this month’s bright colors, I upgraded to the whole collection.


Known as the Paradise collection, this month’s colors included (left to right) Jenna, Connie, Drew, Cassidy, Addison, Danica, Danielle, Randi, and April.


I also added on Angie (a holographic shimmer), Brigitte (white, painted underneath bright colors, it causes them to pop), a base coat, and a top coat.


For ordering at least three add-ons, I received a free surprise gift, which turned out to be a lip gloss.


Vivid is a dark red and definitely not my shade. I’ll be swapping it.


The box also included a coupon, inspirational quote, and colorful candy.


Verdict: I’m a huge Julep fan – their products are vegan, 5-free, and some of the proceeds go to women’s empowerment. I also really enjoy visiting their local parlors. Maven is a great deal for polish and beauty product lovers: not only do you get Julep products at much lower prices, you get a discount on everything in Julep’s online store and free shipping. Just be sure you want a monthly commitment, as new subscribers only get the option to skip every three months or so.

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Julep Maven: June 2014 Modern Beauty Review


For $20 a month (or more for the ability to customize your polishes or receive more of them), Julep Maven allows you to pick from a set of Julep nail polishes, products, and/or tools. For June’s collection, I went with the Modern Beauty set.


I love Julep Maven because their formulas are 5-free (do not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, or camphor) and there’s no overwhelming nail polish smell to them; you get discounts and free shipping in the Julep store; a portion of their proceeds go to women’s empowerment organizations; they have excellent customer service; and I’m a huge fan of their Parlors. Erin at the Bellevue Julep Parlor gives the most amazing facials ever. I’ve had facials all over the world – literally – and hers cannot be beat. I know it’s all about the nail polish, but if you’re in the Seattle area, give her a try!


June’s Modern Beauty box came with with their Oxygen Base Coat, Oxygen Treatment, and some fun extras: buffing blocks, Pixy Stix, and a couple of coupon codes. I used the Oxygen Nail Treatment soon after receiving the box. They bill it as “nail makeup,” saying it gives a sheer pink hue to nails and strengthens them. I can confirm that it does both.


You also build up a currency of “Jules” with each box you receive. I redeemed some of my Jules for this Plié Wand addon kit and am looking forward to spotting and striping my nails.

Verdict: Julep nail polish is typically $14 a piece. With the Maven subscription, you’ll get at least three, or an equivalently-priced set of products, making this around a $42 value for $20 a month. I’ve found it to be a great deal and one of my favorite subscription boxes.

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Julep Maven: May 2014 Review

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish subscription box. For $20 a month, you’ll receive a mix of Julep nail polish and beauty products. Other perks include free shipping, 20% off at julep.com, earning free credits, and more. There are several different box options each month. For May, I picked the Bombshell.
This month was a special edition. Julep did a crowdfunding to create the Plie Wand. It’s an extended “wand” that snaps onto your nail polishes to change (and allegedly improve) the way you paint your nails. It comes with the standard brush, but you can also buy ones for spotting and striping.
I’m excited to give it a try and could definitely see myself getting the Creativity Kit for it someday.
The two polishes include in this month’s Bombshell box were Saaya, a golden apricot shimmer, and Laree, a golden pink taffeta shimmer. A bonus for those of us who crowdfunded was Yumi, a pink, silver, and holographic glitter. I LOVE these colors for summer. I’m thinking poolside cocktails… (can’t wait for my Vegas vacation in June!). And I will never say no to glitter!
In addition was a coupon for the site, a coupon for an upcoming Glycolic hand scrub, and detailed instructions for using the new Plie wand. Vegeta, my cat, was not included in the box.

Verdict: Also not included was a topcoat I added on to this month’s box… I contacted customer service about it. They’ve always replied promptly and professionally, so I’m not worried. This is the first box I’ve opted into for a while (if you joined the Maven program before December 2013, you have the option to skip months; newcomers unfortunately do not). I love the colors and am excited for the wand. I also love that Julep donates some proceeds to charity, uses natural ingredients, and I’m a huge fan of their parlors here in Seattle. This box is a great value!
Edit: Because Julep sent the Maven boxes out early, they’re shipping addons separately this month. Thanks for the info, Jessie!

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