Influenster Frosty Vox Box Review


Influenster is a product review and discussion site that occasionally sends free products for users to try.


The selections are usually themed or from just one brand, but this box was all over the place.


A card was included for more details on the products.


A serum and Target coupon were in the Frosty Box. I’m not really in the market for a serum right now, and found some conflicting info online as to whether this brand is cruelty free, so these are getting swapped.


NYC, owned by Coty, is another company I couldn’t find much info on. I’m not a big lipstick user, and have way too much tea, so these guys are getting swapped as well.


Rimmel is also owned by Coty, who isn’t listed in the cruelty free database. I’m not a huge eyeliner or makeup remover user, so these will be swapped.


I got so excited by the hairbrush, I forgot to take a picture of the Thyme seasoning they included, which is totally random but a keeper since I don’t have any. Ecotools is one of my favorite brands ever. I actually need a new hairbrush – my current one is by them too – and this one is perfect (and an $11 free value!).

Verdict: Hey, free hairbrush!


Influenster: Summer VoxBox Review


Influenster is a site where you fill out surveys and input your social media information. Based on your responses and activities, you’re matched up with brands and campaigns to receive and review free products. Influenster sent me a Summer VoxBox.


The box contained a card detailing information on each product included. I found it super helpful; I never would have known Sinful Colors does not test on animals! Because of this new info, I actually went and dug some brand new Sinful nail polishes I’d just bought out of my trash… (I bought them, found out they were owned by Revlon, then threw them away; I don’t like that their parent company performs animal testing but if Sinful itself doesn’t, I’m OK with using their products.)


First up was the new CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara and Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. The idea of the mascara is intriguing: one brush lengthens and curls and the other brush adds volume. Even if CoverGirl didn’t test on animals, I’m too lazy to wear a mascara that requires a separate step of removal other than just cleansing. I swapped it for a Transformers and Minecraft stickers. 🙂  I couldn’t find whether Hawaiian Tropic tests on animals. Either way, I am a complete nut about sunscreen and have no use for an after-sun lotion. Also swapped.


Speaking of lazy, I’m not one to make smoothies, or much of anything in the kitchen really. These coupons also found a good home elsewhere.


I wasn’t really interested in the First Aid pain relief shot (Advil works just fine for me), so the big hit of this box ended up being the nail polish. It was good timing in that a friend of mine just posted an article on how Sinful nail polish beat out brands like Chanel and Sally Hansen. Bad timing in how I’d just bought the same color from Julep. Both went in the swap pile.

Verdict: I have a feeling it will be hard to find an Influenster beauty campaign I’ll be happy with. I did participate in an eBay campaign earlier in the year that earned me a $25 gift card; definitely more my style. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Influenster finds me another good match and, in the meantime, I have lots of stuff for swapping!