Handmade Beauty Box: February 2015 Review


Handmade Beauty Box is a monthly DIY beauty subscription box from the owners of Soap Queen and Brambleberry (in Bellingham, WA!). Subscriptions start at around $30. February’s project was a cuticle/lip balm project. Detailed instructions with pictures and tips are always included.

I started by cutting out the labels for the tins. This tends to be the hardest part of any HBB project, which should tell you about their difficulty (which is not at all).

I then labeled the tins and set them up for the balm to be poured into.

I poured all of the [vegan!] included, pre-measured ingredients into a microwave-safe measuring cup – the spout made pouring easy.

After microwaving, they were a nice liquid. I then added the flavor/scent, a berry rose. The instructions said there would be some left over, but as a fan of heavy scents, I used the whole vial.

Then I poured it into the tins.

It didn’t take long for them to solidify, as you can see from the bottom tins.


By the next day, they were a nice solid cuticle and lip balm with a lovely scent.

Verdict: Since its first box, Handmade Beauty Box has been my favorite subscription. The projects are fun and easy, and I love sharing with friends. It even inspired me to start making other products; check out my Etsy shop here!


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