MunchPak Review: December 2014


MunchPak is an international snack subscription box delivered monthly.  Subscriptions start at $21, and, for an extra fee, you can choose what types of snacks and ingredients you want included or excluded.


I cannot ever get enough Cadbury. If only they had vending machines here like they do in London… Probably a good thing they don’t! I had the chocolate flavor of the bear biscuits last month and they were super tasty. Even though I’m a huge fan of taro, I haven’t been brave enough to try the candy.


I like how the chips are “unmistakably” onion and cheese flavored. This month’s box also included gummies and a green tea wafer bar.


Nugs! This made me laugh. Nugs are a prominent fixture in my favorite video game franchise, only they’re pink little pig-type creatures, not candy bars! I kept the koalas for myself, but I always pass on the wasabi peas.


A strange fruit candy was included this month, as well as a delicious-looking toffee chocolate bar, coconut wafers, and a Croatian chocolate bar that I sent to my Croatian friend.

Verdict: MunchPak is one of the best. subscription boxes out there. I love finding new favorite snacks; I’m still dreaming about vanilla Italian wafer Balconi bars from a few months ago…


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