Birchbox Review: December 2014


Birchbox is a monthly beauty box starting at $10 a month. It features samples of makeup, skincare, and perfume. My friend Kathleen got me a subscription for my birthday and I love it!


Each box is beautifully packaged and contains a card detailing this month’s selections. Major kudos to Birchbox for all cruelty free products this month! This month also came with $10 to spend at the Gap.


Number Four is a French haircare company specializing in luxury vegan products. I was able to smell the shampoo without even opening it – it smelled very Parisian!


I’m not in love with my current hairspray, so I’m happy to replace it with this Rusk spray instead. Birchbox gives you an option of choosing one sample a month. Mine was the Manna Kadar lip stain, which turned out to be even prettier in person.


It even has a jewel on the lid!


I’m still not entirely sure what this serum is, but apparently there are a million different ways of using it, so I look forward to playing around with it. And hello holiday parties… meet this gorgeous sparkly eyeliner!

Verdict: Cruelty free is what really does it for me, and I’m especially impressed that a box that doesn’t bill itself as such would go out of its way to pick all cruelty free products. And they’re great products; I’ll use all of them!

Referral: Use my link to sign up for Birchbox and I’ll receive a $5 credit towards full-size products.


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