Handmade Beauty Box Review: December 2014

It’s here! The first-ever edition of the Handmade Beauty Box.


When my mom, a soapmaker from NC,  visited Seattle, we made a stop in Bellingham to visit the Brambleberry soap supply store. We accidentally went to their headquarters instead of the store and met Anne-Marie Faiola, the Soap Queen. She was incredibly kind and gracious, and, in addition to giving us directions to the actual store, told us she’d soon be offering a subscription box.


I ended up buying a full year subscription on Kickstarter. Handmade Beauty Box starts at $31.50 per month. Each box contains supplies for a DIY beauty project. I was thrilled with the first box!


Its project is a “Sunny Herbal Garden Loofah Soap,” and it contains nearly all the ingredients you need, from the molds to the soap base and loofah, even beautiful labels!


It comes with easy to use instructions too.


The scent smells just like walking into an herb garden drenched in sunshine. It’s fresh and gender-neutral.


I can’t wait to get started making soap. I’ll also be attending the Handmade Beauty Box launch party next Tuesday (we get to learn how to make our own salt scrub!) and will be sure to post plenty of pictures from the event.


Verdict: A promising start to a highly-anticipated new subscription box. Now I know what I’ll be making my friends for Christmas…!


3 thoughts on “Handmade Beauty Box Review: December 2014

  1. So excited to see you at the party! We’re doing a slightly easier project (over 60 people have RSVP’ed!) of layered bath salts but I have lots of recommendations for salt scrub tutorials if you need one =)) Thank you for your support.

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