Bulu Box Weight Loss Review: October 2014


For $10 a month, Bulu Box sends your choice of fitness-related samples (Bulu Box) or weight loss-related samples (Bulu Box Weight Loss). I subscribe to the Weight Loss box.


Bulu Box includes a card with information on the samples. You can review the samples on their website to receive discounts on full-size products.


This month included tips for healthy Halloween candy swaps.


Can I just say yay for no coffee and no kids’ samples this month? I’ll actually use (and have already used!) most of this month’s box. I take the SmartyPants gummies every day and found out about them through an earlier Bulu Box: they’re an easy, tasty way to get fiber, vitamins, and Omega 3. I took the Simple Diet supplements before two workouts and was pleased that they gave me energy to run! The Psycho powder was a little intimidating; I gave that to a friend whose workouts are more intense than mine.


Yes! Chocolate pudding! I’ve been interested in this pudding for a while. They included it in a previous box in a flavor I didn’t like; I can’t wait to try it in chocolate. The protein powder was another giveaway – I’m too lazy to make shakes – but it’s the perfect weather for chamomile tea and I plan to indulge in some tonight.


Verdict: I was tired of coffee flavors and samples for kids in my boxes, but with this month, we’re back on track. We’ll see what next month brings, but for now I do plan to renew my subscription when it runs out.

Referral: Sign up for Bulu Box using my link and receive a free box. I will receive points toward discounts on full-size products.


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