MunchPak Review: October 2014

MunchPak is a monthly international snack subscription. They’re my favorite food box and, apparently, yours too – I keep getting requests for “more posts about those snacks!”


You can choose the Original MunchPak (12+ snacks) for $21/month + shipping or the FamilyPak for $39/month (22+ snacks). I subscribe to the MunchPak Mini, which is no longer available to new subscribers, for my office. For a fee, you can customize preferred or non-preferred ingredients, such as nuts, spicy, foreign snacks, etc. You can also add on tea or coffee.


This MunchPak is my favorite so far! I would eat everything in it. Thank God my co-workers are gracious enough to take these tasty treats off my hands; otherwise I’d be in trouble.


We got our monthly Hi-Chew fix – cherry this time! – along with a chocolate pound cake and a hazelnut cream bar.


Happy Halloween! I’m wondering which colleague of mine will eat the gummy eyeball… I stole the wafers for myself, but shared the gummy candy and pound cake…


…which has hilarious writing on it.


Some tasty Cheeto balls, peanut snacks, and chocolate-filled wafers (another item I pilfered – I try to only steal one but this month had too much good stuff) and we had a successful snack frenzy on our hands!


You can find out more about MunchPak’s snacks on their website.

Verdict: I look forward to MunchPak every month, and they’re only getting better!

Code: Use code SNACKIN to save $2 off your first box.


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