My Subscription Addiction: MSA01 Review

Welcome to my new favorite-ever subscription box. If you’ve considered subscribing to a box, make it the My Subscription Addiction Box.


I just can’t help but totally lose my cool and spend this entire review gushing like a giddy fangirl. You have been warned. My Subscription Addiction is the utmost authority on all things subscription box. When I heard Liz, the site’s owner, was making her own box, I signed up immediately for the $50/quarter subscription and waited with bated breath. Not only does Liz know what makes a box a good value (quality products, large sizes, unique curation, color variations, and leak-proof packaging), she and I share the same cruelty-free sensibilities and we delight in a little bit of luxury. I knew this box would be good.


I was not disappointed.




The box opened to reveal a personal, detailed letter from Liz on the box’s theme (fall), why she chose each and every item, and discount codes for some of the products.




First off, let’s just get this out of the way, the lip gloss was the only miss for me. I love the taste, texture, and brand, but the color was a little too brown and I found it didn’t stick around on my lips for very long. I like when boxes send out random color variations but unfortunately this one didn’t work in my favor. As for my favorite item in the box: this face wash is $65. I now own a $65 face wash. From a $50 subscription box. I mean, how does that even work? I don’t understand. But I don’t want to question it. Because this magic $65 face wash turns into the softest, creamiest, slather-all-over-your-face ambrosia that makes my skin glow. I know I will never, ever, justify spending that much on a face wash on my own, so I’ve been hoarding it in a special corner of my shower, bringing it out only on those not-so-good days where I need to cover my face in luxury. My… precious…


I’ve been saving this candle too, though I will probably break it out for my housewarming party. It smells like all the best parts of fall: chai, cider, leaves, pumpkins. Both the candle and its packaging are made from all-natural materials. And oh, this scrub. What a delight. I may not drink coffee but I sure adore the smell of it. This scrub will wake you right up and give you the softest of skin: I didn’t even need lotion afterward. Some of the grounds tend to stick around and deposit themselves on my towel, so I use this on towel wash days and they come right out.


I’m ashamed to admit, I had serious doubts about this scarf. In the package, I wasn’t sure about the color or style, and I’m very picky about fabric texture, especially when it looks potentially itchy.


I should have known better and I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Liz. Pulling it out if the package, the material was one of the softest I’d ever laid my hands on. I’m a huge fan of circle scarves and found the color and pattern to be versatile, and the scarf to be warm without being bulky. It came in three other colors, and this time I did get the luck of the draw. It will be a challenge to stop myself from wearing it every single day this winter.

Verdict: This is it, folks; the My Subscription Addiction box is The One. If you’re looking for luxurious, natural, generously sized all-natural products for a great value, get this box. Get it for yourself get it for your friends, get it for your cats. Just get it. It’s $50 a box and comes out 4 times a year. Also, check out the My Subscription Addiction site for behind-the-scenes box insight.


Bulu Box Weight Loss Review: October 2014


For $10 a month, Bulu Box sends your choice of fitness-related samples (Bulu Box) or weight loss-related samples (Bulu Box Weight Loss). I subscribe to the Weight Loss box.


Bulu Box includes a card with information on the samples. You can review the samples on their website to receive discounts on full-size products.


This month included tips for healthy Halloween candy swaps.


Can I just say yay for no coffee and no kids’ samples this month? I’ll actually use (and have already used!) most of this month’s box. I take the SmartyPants gummies every day and found out about them through an earlier Bulu Box: they’re an easy, tasty way to get fiber, vitamins, and Omega 3. I took the Simple Diet supplements before two workouts and was pleased that they gave me energy to run! The Psycho powder was a little intimidating; I gave that to a friend whose workouts are more intense than mine.


Yes! Chocolate pudding! I’ve been interested in this pudding for a while. They included it in a previous box in a flavor I didn’t like; I can’t wait to try it in chocolate. The protein powder was another giveaway – I’m too lazy to make shakes – but it’s the perfect weather for chamomile tea and I plan to indulge in some tonight.


Verdict: I was tired of coffee flavors and samples for kids in my boxes, but with this month, we’re back on track. We’ll see what next month brings, but for now I do plan to renew my subscription when it runs out.

Referral: Sign up for Bulu Box using my link and receive a free box. I will receive points toward discounts on full-size products.

Target Beauty Box Review: October 2014

Target is running a $7 beauty box featuring makeup and haircare samples, and coupons to Target and DermStore. They offer the box several times a year. At the time of this post, it’s still available.


I thought it would be a neat little treat for my mom. And she, not knowing it was from me, thought it was right up my alley and mailed it to me. We’re silly like that.


The box included a card detailing all samples inside.


It also included a coupon for $3 off a $15 Target beauty purchase, and a code for 20% off and a free gift with purchase at


The two haircare samples were Elnett Extra Hold Hairspray and a Fekkai (ooh, fancy!) dry shampoo. They’re the perfect size for taking on a plane.


On the makeup side, they included a Laneige BB Cream cushion sample, including a puff for applying and three different colors for various skin tones. Three cheers for Korean skincare at Target! And for a foundation sample that doesn’t just come in “Medium.”


NYX is a line I know and love and I was excited they included an eye pencil of theirs in the box. White is especially good for lining inner rims/faking the awake look. I say this with an 8:30 AM meeting looming tomorrow… Rounding out the pack is a L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Nude Ballet. I didn’t open it, but My Subscription Addiction has a great picture of the color – it seems to be universally flattering, and I love that it’s in a gloss-type format; I’m not a big fan of traditional lipstick.


Verdict: I am annoyingly picky about my skincare, haircare, and cosmetics. With a few exceptions, they have to come from a certified cruelty-free line. So out of the box, the only keeper for me was the NYX eye pencil and $3 coupon. Even so, these two items meet the box’s $7 value (as a Target debit card holder, I also got 5% off and free shipping). The entire box is worth $28 and includes generous samples and full-size products and is a great deal for haircare and makeup lovers. And I’m happy to get to pass on my unopened goodies to my friends Nikki and Angela!

MunchPak Review: October 2014

MunchPak is a monthly international snack subscription. They’re my favorite food box and, apparently, yours too – I keep getting requests for “more posts about those snacks!”


You can choose the Original MunchPak (12+ snacks) for $21/month + shipping or the FamilyPak for $39/month (22+ snacks). I subscribe to the MunchPak Mini, which is no longer available to new subscribers, for my office. For a fee, you can customize preferred or non-preferred ingredients, such as nuts, spicy, foreign snacks, etc. You can also add on tea or coffee.


This MunchPak is my favorite so far! I would eat everything in it. Thank God my co-workers are gracious enough to take these tasty treats off my hands; otherwise I’d be in trouble.


We got our monthly Hi-Chew fix – cherry this time! – along with a chocolate pound cake and a hazelnut cream bar.


Happy Halloween! I’m wondering which colleague of mine will eat the gummy eyeball… I stole the wafers for myself, but shared the gummy candy and pound cake…


…which has hilarious writing on it.


Some tasty Cheeto balls, peanut snacks, and chocolate-filled wafers (another item I pilfered – I try to only steal one but this month had too much good stuff) and we had a successful snack frenzy on our hands!


You can find out more about MunchPak’s snacks on their website.

Verdict: I look forward to MunchPak every month, and they’re only getting better!

Code: Use code SNACKIN to save $2 off your first box.

Madison Reed At-Home Hair Color Review

Madison Reed is an at-home hair color kit purchased online and shipped to your home. It’s $29.95 for a one-time kit or $24.95 for a subscription.


My natural color gets lighter and washed out during the summer. I was looking for something to bring the red out. So when I got a coupon for Madison Reed from Le Tote, I figured I’d give it a shot.



You take a quiz on your current hair color, hair type, skin tone, etc. and are given some options for hair color. I with Genoa red; the other options were too vibrant or too blonde.


The kit comes with everything you need: two pairs of gloves, barrier cream for your ears, neck, and forehead, a cleansing wipe to remove any drips on skin, color, color creme, shampoo, conditioner, and – most importantly – instructions.

The website also has a plethora of how-to videos along with on-demand color consultants.


The process was easy: you section your hair into four parts (OK, one aside here – it shows you doing so using clips.  I don’t know anyone who just has hair salon clips lying around. Maybe they could include them in the kit? I used hair ties). After mixing the color, don gloves and color along your roots first. Then you go down the rest of your hair. Wait times depend on if you’re coloring for the first time or doing a touch up.

When time’s up, put on gloves and wash then condition using the provided shampoo and conditioner. There will be enough of them left over for a week or two of uses.



Verdict: Gentle, paraben free, luxury, affordable hair color – I like it! It smelled great and didn’t dry out my hair or irritate my scalp. At first, the color came out a little more brunette than I’d like, but it’s since faded to being closer to my natural, lighter red. It’s subtle enough that no one even noticed I’d dyed my hair, which is exactly what I was going for. If I need to color again, I’ll be using Madison Reed.

Popbasic Previews

I’m working on catching up with my backlog of subscription reviews (please forgive me – I’ve been traveling around the world, literally!). In the meantime, here are some previews of upcoming Popbasic collections:

untitled (41 of 210)

The Frankie Collection will be available later this month. It consists of a scarf, a shirt, and a belt.


I have Popbasic’s Le Breton shirt in every color (which is two so far: white/navy and white/red). I will buy it in any color it ever comes out in. It is soft, durable, fits well, and the perfect balance of not sheer but not heavy fabric. So when I saw that they were making a dress, I am not ashamed to admit, I lost my mind a little bit. I. Cannot. Wait. I love the fit on it – a swingy fit and flare – the color, the length, and the 3/4 sleeves, and will be scooping it up as soon as it comes out!

A side note – Popbasic is a little above my price point for clothing (and, I’d imagine, some of yours too). It’s worth the splurge; I promise. Their clothes wear well, wash well, and last forever.

Sizing: I am 155 lbs 34DD/28/38. A medium in Popbasic fits me well.

Referrals: I will receive a $15 credit if you make a purchase using my Popbasic link.