MunchPak: July 2014 Review


MunchPak sends a monthly mix of international food and candy. They have different sizing options, starting at $21; I order the smallest – the MunchPak Mini – for the office.


I think I’ve gotten Hi Chews in every MunchPak so far. Not that I’m complaining – I can’t get enough of them, and they go pretty quickly. MunchPak discovers the most obscure and delicious Combos and Pretz flavors. The shortbread was a tasty touch.


When they aren’t introducing international snacks (pineapple candy! wasabi peas! mochi!), MunchPak is bringing me back to my childhood (Cap’n Crunch! animal crackers!). I enjoy the mix of new tastes and nostalgia.

Verdict: MunchPak is something I look forward to every month. Their snacks are unique and surprising and a big hit around the office. I can’t wait to see what they send next!


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