Bulu Box Weight Loss: July 2014 Review


For $10 a month,  you’ll receive weight loss-related samples from Bulu Box Weight Loss. Rating the samples online earns you credits in their store, where you can buy full-size products (which are often cheaper than Amazon).


Bulu Box also makes a fitness-oriented box. I subscribe to the weight loss version.


Each month has a card detailing the products included. Your box will be tailored to the profile you fill out on their site.


The boxes also include flyers for things like free trials of online fitness programs.


I’m not sure if my profile says I don’t have kids and I don’t drink coffee. If it does, they’re ignoring it; I keep getting samples for kids and coffee, including this children’s probiotic and protein coffee creamer. These are for the swap pile. I will hang on to the tea though.


I’m always happy to try weight loss supplements. While the samples are too small to affect any weight changes, I can at least make sure they don’t have any adverse side effects. The sleep aid, which claims to reduce caffeine levels in the body, was intriguing but ineffective. I’ll be passing on the hangover preventer and protein powder to friends who can use them.


Bonus – A few weeks ago, Bulu did a “Build Your Own Box” promotion. I thought it was a neat idea, and apparently everyone else did too because it crashed their site. Once I was able to get on, I picked up multiples of things I’ve always wanted to try, and it looks like they threw in a couple more on top of what I ordered. With all the points I had on the site, I was able to get the box for free! I’m hoping they offer it again.

Verdict: I still really enjoy my Bulu Box Weight Loss subscription and find it to be a good value, though I haven’t had a box that’s been a 100% hit for me (and please, no more coffee or kids stuff!).

Referral: I will receive a $5 credit if you sign up for a subscription using my link.


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