Bulu Box Weight Loss: July Review


A subscription to Bulu Box allows you to try fitness-related samples every month. Subscriptions start at $10 a month and it comes in two versions: Bulu Box (fitness samples) and Bulu Box Weight Loss (weight loss samples). I subscribe to the Weight Loss box.


Each month comes with a card with more info on the samples. On the back, there’s space for rating each sample. I usually just rate my samples on the Bulu Box website; doing so builds credits which you can use for discounts on products. The box also includes cards with info on things like online fitness site memberships, recommended exercises, weight loss tips, and more.


July’s box included iron supplements and a vanilla protein pudding. My iron levels are good, and I’m not a fan of vanilla pudding (if it were chocolate it would be a different story), so these went in the swap pile.


They also included a full-size product this month! Bach Rescue Pearls are a homeopathic stress remedy with glowing reviews on Amazon. I wanted to like them, but they did nothing for me, nor for my cat (they’re pet-friendly) who promptly threw it up (or not). I was also excited to see garcinia cambogia in the box. The sample (two tablets) was too small to have a substantial effect, but I’d been curious about it for a while and at least now know I don’t have any adverse reaction to it if I do decide to buy a full-size batch. I see a lot of these Naked Wine vouchers floating around the swap site and I’ve received a few in my Le Totes; people just can’t seem to get rid of them. The deal is you buy $160 worth of wine on Naked Wines and only pay $60. I do not need $160 of wine – into the swap pile.


I’m not a fan of blueberry, cherry, or coffee flavors, so the granola and Energy Ballz went into the swap pile as well – again, if these had been different flavors, I would have happily kept them.

Verdict: I liked pretty much everything in July’s box; just not the flavors the came in (and I wish those Rescue Pearls had worked for me! and my cat). A lot of the value of the Bulu Box comes from being able to rate the samples online and receiving credits towards full-size products, so not all is lost. I also feel like these boxes have just been getting better – I’m looking forward to next month!

Referral: I will receive a $5 credit if you sign up for Bulu Box using my link.


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