Bulu Box Weight Loss: July 2014 Review


For $10 a month,  you’ll receive weight loss-related samples from Bulu Box Weight Loss. Rating the samples online earns you credits in their store, where you can buy full-size products (which are often cheaper than Amazon).


Bulu Box also makes a fitness-oriented box. I subscribe to the weight loss version.


Each month has a card detailing the products included. Your box will be tailored to the profile you fill out on their site.


The boxes also include flyers for things like free trials of online fitness programs.


I’m not sure if my profile says I don’t have kids and I don’t drink coffee. If it does, they’re ignoring it; I keep getting samples for kids and coffee, including this children’s probiotic and protein coffee creamer. These are for the swap pile. I will hang on to the tea though.


I’m always happy to try weight loss supplements. While the samples are too small to affect any weight changes, I can at least make sure they don’t have any adverse side effects. The sleep aid, which claims to reduce caffeine levels in the body, was intriguing but ineffective. I’ll be passing on the hangover preventer and protein powder to friends who can use them.


Bonus – A few weeks ago, Bulu did a “Build Your Own Box” promotion. I thought it was a neat idea, and apparently everyone else did too because it crashed their site. Once I was able to get on, I picked up multiples of things I’ve always wanted to try, and it looks like they threw in a couple more on top of what I ordered. With all the points I had on the site, I was able to get the box for free! I’m hoping they offer it again.

Verdict: I still really enjoy my Bulu Box Weight Loss subscription and find it to be a good value, though I haven’t had a box that’s been a 100% hit for me (and please, no more coffee or kids stuff!).

Referral: I will receive a $5 credit if you sign up for a subscription using my link.


Golden Tote: July 2014 Review

Golden Tote offers monthly clothing totes for $49 (pick one piece of clothing, be surprised with 1-2) or $149 (pick 2 pieces, be surprised with 3-4).


I loved the actual tote this month. Delta Gamma instilled a lifelong appreciation of anchors in me.


I picked up a $149 tote and added on a top and belt, and also picked a $49 tote. Golden Tote comes with styling cards for items you’ve picked. I didn’t pick or receive the Summer Breeze dress: hopefully no one is missing their card!


My $49 tote pick was the Striped Swing Dress. Puella dresses are so comfortable and high quality, and buying them from GT is a steal compared to Anthropologie. I paired it with the rope dress from the boutique.


My surprise item in the $49 tote was this paisley dress from Priddy, which is Golden Tote’s private label. I love everything by Priddy, and this dress was very flattering.


I love the back!


My first pick in the $149 tote was this Esley Maxi. This dress is the main reason I bought totes this month, and it did not disappoint. I love the color, the fit, the fabric, the slits…


…the pockets…


…and the back!


My second pick was this maxi by Hourglass Lily. I have two of their dresses and am a fan of their fit and soft fabric.


I added on this Gone Yachting top. It was a hard choice between the red and the mint, but I’m happy I stuck with the red.


My first surprise: a floral top by Cut and Sew by Golden Tote. The brand makes me curious; another GT private label? It’s not something I ever would have picked for myself, but I love it!


I also loved these pants! If only they weren’t too small. They’re white linen by a brand named Jolie. They’re will find a good home on the trading group.


As will this skirt by Promesa. It’s a little too form-fitting in my rear, and I don’t really have any tops to go with it.


I also wasn’t in love with this mint top; it’s not a good color or fit for me and the arms were too tight.

Verdict: 6 out of 9 isn’t too shabby (and those pants would have been a hit of they had fit!). I’m happy with my totes this month, and am so in love with that Esley Maxi.

Sizing: I am 160 lbs, 34DD/28/38. All items were Medium except the Gone Yachting top (Large) and Puella dress (Small).

Referral: I receive a $10 credit if you sign up for Golden Tote using my link.

Bulu Box Weight Loss: July Review


A subscription to Bulu Box allows you to try fitness-related samples every month. Subscriptions start at $10 a month and it comes in two versions: Bulu Box (fitness samples) and Bulu Box Weight Loss (weight loss samples). I subscribe to the Weight Loss box.


Each month comes with a card with more info on the samples. On the back, there’s space for rating each sample. I usually just rate my samples on the Bulu Box website; doing so builds credits which you can use for discounts on products. The box also includes cards with info on things like online fitness site memberships, recommended exercises, weight loss tips, and more.


July’s box included iron supplements and a vanilla protein pudding. My iron levels are good, and I’m not a fan of vanilla pudding (if it were chocolate it would be a different story), so these went in the swap pile.


They also included a full-size product this month! Bach Rescue Pearls are a homeopathic stress remedy with glowing reviews on Amazon. I wanted to like them, but they did nothing for me, nor for my cat (they’re pet-friendly) who promptly threw it up (or not). I was also excited to see garcinia cambogia in the box. The sample (two tablets) was too small to have a substantial effect, but I’d been curious about it for a while and at least now know I don’t have any adverse reaction to it if I do decide to buy a full-size batch. I see a lot of these Naked Wine vouchers floating around the swap site and I’ve received a few in my Le Totes; people just can’t seem to get rid of them. The deal is you buy $160 worth of wine on Naked Wines and only pay $60. I do not need $160 of wine – into the swap pile.


I’m not a fan of blueberry, cherry, or coffee flavors, so the granola and Energy Ballz went into the swap pile as well – again, if these had been different flavors, I would have happily kept them.

Verdict: I liked pretty much everything in July’s box; just not the flavors the came in (and I wish those Rescue Pearls had worked for me! and my cat). A lot of the value of the Bulu Box comes from being able to rate the samples online and receiving credits towards full-size products, so not all is lost. I also feel like these boxes have just been getting better – I’m looking forward to next month!

Referral: I will receive a $5 credit if you sign up for Bulu Box using my link.

Influenster: Summer VoxBox Review


Influenster is a site where you fill out surveys and input your social media information. Based on your responses and activities, you’re matched up with brands and campaigns to receive and review free products. Influenster sent me a Summer VoxBox.


The box contained a card detailing information on each product included. I found it super helpful; I never would have known Sinful Colors does not test on animals! Because of this new info, I actually went and dug some brand new Sinful nail polishes I’d just bought out of my trash… (I bought them, found out they were owned by Revlon, then threw them away; I don’t like that their parent company performs animal testing but if Sinful itself doesn’t, I’m OK with using their products.)


First up was the new CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara and Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. The idea of the mascara is intriguing: one brush lengthens and curls and the other brush adds volume. Even if CoverGirl didn’t test on animals, I’m too lazy to wear a mascara that requires a separate step of removal other than just cleansing. I swapped it for a Transformers and Minecraft stickers. 🙂  I couldn’t find whether Hawaiian Tropic tests on animals. Either way, I am a complete nut about sunscreen and have no use for an after-sun lotion. Also swapped.


Speaking of lazy, I’m not one to make smoothies, or much of anything in the kitchen really. These coupons also found a good home elsewhere.


I wasn’t really interested in the First Aid pain relief shot (Advil works just fine for me), so the big hit of this box ended up being the nail polish. It was good timing in that a friend of mine just posted an article on how Sinful nail polish beat out brands like Chanel and Sally Hansen. Bad timing in how I’d just bought the same color from Julep. Both went in the swap pile.

Verdict: I have a feeling it will be hard to find an Influenster beauty campaign I’ll be happy with. I did participate in an eBay campaign earlier in the year that earned me a $25 gift card; definitely more my style. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Influenster finds me another good match and, in the meantime, I have lots of stuff for swapping!


MunchPak: June 19, 2014 Review


MunchPak is a monthly assortment of snacks from around the world. You can choose from three different sizes. I buy the smallest, the Mini, for my office at $7.95 plus shipping, and it weighs about a pound.


I have my MunchPak sent to work and always share with the folks at the shipping center before I take pictures, so not shown is a pineapple cake from Mexico and some chewy candy from Germany. I was excited to see Combos in the Pak – a blast from my past! The shrimp crisps were incredibly shrimpy, as promised; I couldn’t eat more than one. And I wasn’t brave enough to try the salad Pretz. Luckily we have a wide range of tastes in our office, so nothing goes to waste.


What I love is that even when MunchPak does include snacks from the US, it’s something fun and unusual like these dessert flavored Skittles. I’d never seen them before. The Hi-Chews are a perennial favorite with us, and the Jelly Tots were quite tasty! No takers on the blue paint candy yet, though maybe someone will summon up the courage after one of our Wine Fridays.


Verdict: MunchPak is a fun treat at a great price, curated by friendly people. I recommend it to share with friends, family, or coworkers!