Golden Tote: June 2014 Review

Curated by the designers of the Puella clothing line, Golden Tote is a monthly mix of clothing for $49 (pick one clothing item and be surprised with 1-2 extras) or $149 (pick two pieces of clothing and be surprised with 3-5 extras). They’ve also just introduced an all-surprise $99 tote in the boutique.

Totes go on sale the first Monday of the month at 9 AM Pacific. You’ll want to be on the site at exactly that time; pieces sell out quickly! This month, I picked the $149 tote.

My friend Nubia offered to take pictures – no bathroom selfies this time! You can find her amazing photos on Pets of Seattle, and she showcases her creative designs in her Zazzle store.

I’ve been drooling over this Puella Tamsin Maxi at Anthropologie but couldn’t justify the $118 price tag. When they made the Puella Chevron Midi Dress from the same fabric as a choice for this month’s tote, It became the main reason I bought one.

I also love the bow detail on the back, which you can see in this photo from the Golden Tote site.

My second chosen item was the Summer Striped dress. I’m a fan of dresses with pockets, and this dress is exceptionally well made, featuring an inner lining and soft, summery fabric.

You can dress it up or down: I added some red heels for punch.

My first surprise item was this nautical tee from Porridge. I first fell in love with the brand when Golden Tote featured their Surprise Ending Tee.

I was thrilled to add more Porridge to my closet, especially when our boat tour guide complimented the figure eight knot pattern: very cool!

I paired my next two surprise items together: a grey and white lace tank and Priddy Slouch Pants (which I turned into capris in the bike photo above).

The Puella girls design and create the Priddy line exclusively for Golden Tote, and I’m a fan of their buttery soft fabric and comfortable fit.

My final surprise item – an Hourglass Lily wrap dress – wasn’t featured in the shoot. I traded it on the Golden Tote Trading Group for an extra of a dress I had that shrank in the dryer. A word of warning: don’t let your Golden Tote clothes see the inside of a dryer, ever!

Verdict: Golden Tote is hands-down my favorite “subscription.” (in quotes because it’s a one-time monthly purchase with no recurring billing) You do need to launder your clothes gently, be on the site as soon as a sale starts so your picks don’t sell out, sizing can be inconsistent, and customer response time can be slow due to the volume of emails they receive.
However, the value, quality, fit, style, uniqueness, and comfort of the pieces is unmatched. The owners are incredibly involved and approachable, keeping the community informed with sneak peeks and asking for and listening to feedback. Their customer service bends over backwards to make you happy. The Golden Tote Trading Group is a welcoming forum for trading, selling, and buying clothing. Most of my closet is made up of Golden Tote, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sizing: I am 5’4″ 160 lbs 34DD/28/38. All pieces are Medium and fit well.

Referral: I will receive a $10 credit if you purchase a Golden Tote through my link.


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