Graze: June 16, 2014


Graze is a weekly or biweekly healthy snack subscription. For $6, they send 4 pre-packed snack portions, which you then rate online to determine what types of snacks you’ll receive in future boxes. You can also go on the site and exclude certain genres of snacks, such as spicy ones or any requiring a microwave (they make popcorn). I had as much fun going online and rating snacks as I did actually receiving the box – they have a ton to choose from! And there’s a sliding scale of never send, rarely send, send occasionally, and send regularly. You can also choose to receive a NibbleBox in which you’ll receive any snack available, or the CalorieCounter box for low calorie snacks only. I chose the CalorieCounter box.


I used a promo link to receive my first and fifth box free. In my first box, I received lightly salted pistachios, dried apples with toffee dip, a cheese nut and cracker mix, and a tropical dried fruit mix. I love the pre-measured portions as I’m unable to trust myself with an open bag of anything (though I did eat the fruit and pistachios together in one sitting; don’t judge). I’m also a picky eater: many of the snacks are just outside of my comfort zone. It’s a great way to try new things, and I was surprised to enjoy everything in there! I’m having the box delivered to work so I can keep the snacks around for the 3:00 slump.

Verdict: $6 is a reasonable price for high quality snacks, not having to portion out snacks myself for the week, being able to try a variety of healthy options so I don’t get bored, and for avoiding a trip to Whole Foods.

Referrals: Sign up for Graze using my link to receive your first and fifth box free! ($12 value) I will receive a $1 credit.


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