Le Tote: May 31, 2014 Review


For around $50 a month, Le Tote sends a mix of clothing and accessories. Keep what you like at a discount; send back what you don’t. Shipping is 2-day both ways.


I’m a little disappointed to keep getting warm weather fashion in 80 degree heat. This Sanctuary Racer Jacket was soft and warm. And will be returned unworn.


I like these simple, fun, subtle Rose Gold Skull Earrings. I wore them with a couple different outfits this week.


I was on the fence about this Daniella Side Slit Tank (it’s pretty sheer and I’m still not sure I can pull off orange with pink and purple highlights), but one of my coworkers told me I looked really nice in it and everything changed. I love my coworkers.


The final accessory was this Jade Dynasty Ring. What I love about Le Tote’s rings is they’re adjustable; no sizing required.


I’d had this Sophie Batik Blouse in My Closet for a while and was excited to finally get to try it out. It was comfortable and versatile, and cool in the heat. I’d be happy to see it in another box.

Verdict: Aside from the jacket, everything in this box was a success. I started subscribing to Le Tote as part of a heavily discounted Gilt City deal, which runs out this month, but I’ll happily start paying full price. In this tote alone, I tried out $218 worth of clothes and jewelry, and I usually get around three totes a month. Their customer service is a joy to work with, and they remain one of my favorite subscriptions of all time.

Referral: I will receive a $25 credit if you subscribe using my Le Tote link.


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