Sunset 45: June 2014 Review


Sunset 45 is a monthly subscription box. For $30 a month (plus $5 shipping), you receive a themed box of “little luxuries.”


Sunset 45 kindly sent me this box to review.



Each month has a different theme. This month was Geo Black and Modern Pearls. Included is a card detailing the theme’s inspiration, along with product descriptions and values.


The first item I pulled out of the box was this MIENN fragrance oil (from Korea!) and it is diviiiiiine. It’s rare for me to love a scent right off the bat, but this one hits the mark with a sweet-yet-adult jasmine/gardenia/rose scent. It’s long-wearing, and makes me very, very happy. The Bar None bracelet is a beautiful example of minimalist construction. Also, props for gold jewelry! My red hair thanks you.


All of the products in Sunset 45 are supremely well packaged. Each one felt like unwrapping a gift. I next unwrapped the Snakebite Chain. Wow! This thing had some heft! Sunset 45 does not skimp on quality, that’s for sure. The Pearl Stud Duo was gorgeous and takes me straight back to my Southern sorority days.


This cool, modern Ellie collar looks straight off a runway. Again with the impressive packaging: it came in a sturdy velvet-lined jewelry box.

Verdict: Sunset 45 makes a great gift for your girlfriends (or yourself!). I felt like I was being led on a journey of pure luxury. Its value of $86 far exceeds its subscription price of $30. Also, not all boxes are the same. It’s fun to see what other subscribers received, and to swap amongst each other. I’m looking forward to next month!


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