MunchPak: May 29, 2014 Review

MunchPak, you are too good to us! They sent my co-workers and me a snack pack after I told them how quickly we devoured the last one. These guys are so sweet and I’m proud to be a subscriber.


Now on to the goods!


These photos are missing the Japanese gummies and Latin American cheese corn chips that came in the box. That’s because I couldn’t even get the MunchPak out of my building’s shipping center without wanting to share its bounty. I tried the squid peanut cracker things on the left; they’re not bad!


I can’t resist those koalas. They’re the one thing I keep to myself in every box. The smog balls were super sour, the fruit pastilles incredibly sweet, and the Hi-Chew was a nice, juicy mango flavor. No one has been brave enough to try the sherbet yet…


My co-workers and I go through snacks pretty quickly, but this jump rope-sized strawberry licorice may prove a challenge. The Jamoncillo and sesame snaps were quickly snapped (ha) up, but I think we’re hesitating on the sandwich cookies with banana creme filling. Then again, if it’s in a MunchPak, it must be good!

Verdict: MunchPak is a fun, inexpensive way to try new snacks. Subscriptions start at $8 (plus shipping) – at $14 a month, your tastebuds can travel the world. Customer service is prompt and friendly. I’d rank MunchPak in my all-time top three subscription boxes. Thanks again, guys!


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