Le Tote: May 10, 2014 Review

For around $50 a month, you can rent an unlimited amount of totes (one at a time) containing clothing and accessories from Le Tote. Totes are shipped via 2-day shipping, and you can keep whatever you like for a discount, or send it back.


Le Tote also lets you browse their collection and add your favorites to Your Closet, so you end up getting mostly items you’ve favorited, with the occasional surprise from your stylist. I picked this Art Deco Blouse specifically to go with my Popbasic skirt,  and I like the way it turned out. The shirt was comfy and breathable for summer; if I needed more tops, I would have kept it.


This Kensie Aubrie Dress.  I am SO in love. It is my favorite thing I have received in any Le Tote so far. It was comfortable, durable, flattering… Confession time: I did some Internet hunting to try to find it at a better price than Le Tote… nope. Le Tote had everyone beat by at least $15. Even so, I can’t justify spending $54 at this exact moment with a trip to Vegas less than a month away but dress… I have my eye on you. (note that this was also part of the First Look program for members: you can request pieces before they’re live on the site – very cool!)


I wore it with these Black Riot Stud Earrings for a simple jewelry touch.


This Cascade Jewel Necklace was a lot of fun. What I couldn’t manage to capture in a picture was the opalescent shimmer it has, which was my favorite thing about it. I paired it with a white tee for some pop. I’m not a big statement necklace kinda girl, but this was another First Look piece, and I enjoyed being the first to wear it!


What I love about Le Tote is I’m able to go outside my comfort zone,  because I know I can send things back. And this BCBGeneration dress was waaay outside of my comfort zone.


Especially because I couldn’t get it to zip!


I went with one of my Golden Tote staples instead.

Verdict: I can’t stop thinking about that Kensie dress. I kept it in my Le Tote closet and hope it gets sent again. I’d like to try a colored slip underneath next time. I enjoyed the other pieces too (except maybe that last dress!) and am looking forward to my next tote!

Referrals: I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up for Le Tote using my link. You and I receive a $15 Popbasic credit purchasing through my link. I will receive a $10 Golden Tote credit if you purchase a tote through my link.


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