MunchPak: May 22, 2014 Review

MunchPak offers weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscriptions to fun, foreign snacks and candy. Subscriptions start at $8 + shipping for a Mini, which is what I subscribe to monthly.
This month’s pack came wrapped in a Japanese newspaper, which was a cool touch!

It included two fruit chew candies, Old Bay chips (which I dove into immediately), prawn crackers (thanks to a babysitting incident where a kid put some first in his mouth then in mine I cannot eat these), seaweeed crackers, chocolate sandwich cookies, and two sour candies.

Verdict: I love the variety of snacks MunchPak offers. There are things I would never would have found on my own, and it would be a hefty task to try to assemble such a mix of goodies. That’s why I’d much rather MunchPak do it for me! I bought this subscription to share with my co-workers, but will definitely be sampling some snacks.


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