BuluBox Weight Loss Review: May 2014

BuluBox Weight Loss is a monthly subscription for health and weight loss samples such as vitamins, supplements, snacks, and more. It’s normally $10 a month but goes on sale quite often. Use code JOINBULU for 55% off any subscription, like three months for $13.50 or a year for $49.50.


I’ve subscribed for a few months now, and this month’s box is by far my favorite!


Each box contains a card with more info on the samples.


BuluBox also offers a standard BuluBox with general fitness and health samples. I subscribe to the weight loss version.


I got weight loss Smarty Pants gummy vitamins in my first-ever box and loved them!  They’re like candy! I actually forgot to take my vitamins this morning so I ate them immediately. Not sure what to do with the kids ones though. I put them up for swap but may just eat them.


I’d like to get back into juicing and I imagine I’d be able to blend this hemp powder right in, or maybe I’ll sprinkle it on a salad.  The Power Crunch bar will be great to have at my desk when the 3 ‘o clock snack craving strikes.


Anxiety? Meeeee? Haha ha ha… Never!… Do these come in bulk? The main reason I joined BuluBox was to try weight loss supplements, so I was excited to see Burn in there.

Verdict: Yay! I hope there are more boxes like this one. I’m happy to send the kids’ gummies to any of you with offspring; just leave a comment! (and maybe soon… I might eat them)

Referral: I receive a $5 credit if you sign up with my link.


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