MunchPak: May 12, 2014 Review

MunchPak (aka Munch Pack or MunchBox) is a snack subscription box featuring foods from around the world.  Starting at $7.95, it’s available in three sizes and can be shipped weekly, biweekly,  or monthly.


MunchPak kindly sent me a box to review. I believe it’s the FamilyPak,  or at least I hope it is; it’s enormous!


I love that MunchPak features international snacks. The ketchup chips bring me back to my travels in Canada, and the snack rings are from Thailand.


I’m not sure if they went with a color scheme on purpose but this turned out to be a pretty picture to take. I sanctioned the Cow Tale for a coworker and kept the Twizzlers for myself.


I’m quite the Haribo fan and had never seen their gummies in this form before. Of course I had to sample the entire package in less than 5 seconds. Delicious.


Did I eat this cherry Airheads for breakfast? Yes. Do I have any regrets? Not a one. Also the Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are straight after my own heart, and I dig the retro candy.


Another coworker of mine got me hooked on the Lotte koala cookies. I’m happy to report that Hello Panda is just as tasty, especially when eaten all at once.

Verdict: Receiving this MunchPak was truly Christmas in May. If I’d had any sense I would have taken a picture of the entire stash because it was quite the haul. As it was, I was too excited to share it at work. An hour after dropping it off, all that remained of its former glory were a few ketchup chip crumbs. MunchPak is the Bark Box for candy and snack lovers. It’s a great alternative to Graze Box if you’re looking for larger volume and fun, international choices. I wish they’d include a card or blog link explaining some of their choices (I’d love to know how the minds of MunchPak work). I was impressed enough to buy a monthly subscription. My tastebuds are thrilled!


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