Le Tote: May 1, 2014 Review

Le Tote lets you rent clothes and accessories for $50 a month. If you like them, keep them for a discount. If not, you send them back and get a new batch of clothes. Shipping is included and is 2-day both ways. It’s tied with Golden Tote as my favorite subscription.

It is HOT in Seattle. We’re talking 80+ degrees in a city with no air conditioning. So I was a little disappointed to see long sleeves, sweaters, and scarves in my box. I’d had these pieces of my Favorites list for a while so I was excited to get to try them on, but due to the heat, I sent them right back.


When my Le Tote stylist asked me to describe my style, I pointed to this Dina Gray Sweater as an example of something feminine and quirky and very me. It’s soft and fit well. I hope it’s around in the fall (Le Tote cycles their clothing regularly) – I’d love to try it then!


This Deer Printed Scarf looks straight out of Anthropologie. It was fun to style and would work with many different colors and prints. I knotted it into an infinity scarf and wore it with my Popbasic tank.


The Lottie Bell Blouse was a fun, summery orange. Like the other pieces, it was a little too warm to wear in the summer. I’m not sure I can get away with wearing orange anymore now that I have purple highlights.


Like the Lottie Blouse above, the Harper Pleated Blouse is one of the newest additions to the Le Tote lineup and the only top I could wear in the heat. I paired it with boots for a rainy day.


This Arrowhead Druzy Necklace would work for someone who’s a little more jewelry adventurous than I am. I found it long and heavy.


I love that they chose matching earrings. These Jackie Rectangular Studs were incredibly comfortable – I forgot I was wearing them!

Verdict: Le Tote spoils me with unlimited, fun fashion and attentive, prompt customer service. Being able to send and receive clothing and accessories pushes me out of my comfort zone, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, and I love that I can just send it back when it doesn’t. I also deeply appreciate doing less laundry. I bought a few months in advance at a discount through Gilt City but will happily pay full price when it runs out.

Sizing: I was so excited to try everything on, I forgot to check sizing! I think everything was a medium, and everything fit well.

Referrals: I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up for Le Tote. I receive a $10 credit if you purchase a Golden Tote. I receive a $15 credit if you make a purchase at Popbasic.



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