Memebox: Global #9 Review



Memebox gathers Korean beauty products in boxes ranging from $15 for Minis to $70 for Supers. Shipping is around $7 from Korea. The boxes arrive well-insulated in a bubblewrap package.


Inside is a cheery pink box!


For most boxes, you don’t know what products you’ll receive, though some “naked boxes” list all contents on the site and sound much naughtier than they actually are, which is not at all. Other boxes have themes like “men’s” or “masks,” while others contain just one brand like Missha or Tonymoly. The box I picked is pretty much their standard box, called a Global Box. It’s the ninth one they’ve produced.


The products’ packaging is entirely in Korean, which is cool but makes me grateful for the explanatory card in English that comes in the box. I dream of learning Korean, but am not quite ready yet!


Global Boxes contain a nice mix of skincare and makeup, as well as full, deluxe, and trial sizes.


Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo: 200g ($15 value)

I used to use a tsubaki shampoo and would normally be excited to try something similar, and this is a deluxe size. However, I’m headed to the salon on Friday and will be stocking up on stuff there, so this is going in the swap pile.


Luna Wonder Essential BB Foundation in #21 Nudy Beige: 5ml ($5 value)

Foundation for pale people: hooray! I’m still trying to find my footing in the BB Cream world, so I look forward to trying this out. It’s trial size.


Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque: 100ml ($45 value)

This is a full size product that can be used as a foaming cleanser, exfoliant, and masque! I’m a little overwhelmed and need to figure out my favorite application for it.


25cc Hairbooster: 25ml ($23 value)

The packaging for this one is hilarious. It’s a deep conditioner, which I haven’t used in a long time. My hair will thank me for this! It’s full size.


Savio Magic Count Down 7 days EGF & Multi-Peptide: 5ml ($30 value)

Seven days to “achieving the healthy and energetic skin tone!” OK, I’ll bite. I’m not entirely sure what this is (a serum?) but it’s full, size and my face could certainly use some energy.


ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss in 05 Hardcore Red: 5ml ($23 value)

Nopenopenope! I’m not even sure I would wear this color on a dare. This full-size brick red gloss/tint would look good on someone, just not me! Unless I’m going for Ronald McDonald red hair/red lip chic. Swap ahoy!


Botanic Hill Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampule Essence: 5ml each ($8 total value)

Again, not entirely sure what these things are. They seem to be trial sizes of some kind of serum. I’ll be trying them out in the hopes of becoming more moist and radiant.

Verdict: I am normally a stickler for no animal testing and no animal ingredients. However, since I randomly watched Boys Over Flowers on Netflix one day, I’ve become obsessed with all things Korean, including television, music, and beauty, and I’m willing to let my standards slide. I paid around $30 including shipping for this box, and the value is well over that, especially since many of these products would be impossible to find in the States. The hardest part of Memebox is ordering around a month in advance, then waiting for them to ship. I estimated the sizing and value of some of the contents based on their full size value.

Referral: You get $2 in credit just for creating a Memebox account. Emailing and telling them I referred you will earn us both an additional $5 in credit.


2 thoughts on “Memebox: Global #9 Review

  1. In my opinion, the fact that they test on animals make them a company I want NOTHING to do with, and would never support.

    You stated you can’t find products like these in the states, but ALL of these types of products are available in the states, and better yet, many of the companies that offer these same types of products do not perform cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

    I think you should reevaluate your stance on animal testing, in relation to your desire for certain products (not to negate the wide availability of these same types of products offered by cruelty-free companies).



    • Alex, I completely agree! Since this post, I’ve stopped purchasing from Memebox and any companies affiliated with animal testing. I’ve actually started making my own beauty and cleaning products, and love that I can control every single ingredient that goes in them. I am thrilled by your passion and hope you’ll continue spreading your message!


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