Le Tote: April 22, 2014 Review

Le Tote is the Netflix of fashion: for $50 a month, they send you clothes and accessories, you wear them, then you send them back. It’s two-day shipping each way, so you can get a few boxes each month. There’s also an accessories-only subscription. You can keep anything you like at a discounted price.
If you keep an eye out on sites like Gilt City or RueLaLa, you’ll often find it on sale for $30-$35 a month.
In my latest Le Tote, I received the Olive + Oak Nautical Blouse in Medium, Gia Layered Tank in Medium, Sugarhill Tex Mix dress in a 6
Teardrop Earrings, and Tiny Triangle Necklace. These items were all from my Favorites, so no surprises this time.
The blouse fit well and was comfy. I put a cardigan over it later when it got chilly.
I paired the earrings with my Priddy by Puella swing dress from Golden Tote. They were fun, but a little too heavy for my ears.
The Gia tank was fun and funky. A good fit, but the tweed details and dark color make it more of a winter piece. I added a faux leather jacket to it later.
The Tiny Triangle necklace was everything I love in jewelry: delicate, versatile, and gold. I hope to see more items like it in future Le Totes.
This is not the Sugarhill Tex Mex Dress. This is what I wore instead of the Sugarhill Tex Mix Dress. Lately, size 6 and I haven’t been getting along. We could have struck a compromise and I could have worn it unzipped and unable to move my arms or chest or breathe. I don’t like compromises.

Verdict: Le Tote is tied with Golden Tote as my favorite subscription. I enjoy commitment-free style and doing less laundry. They introduce new clothing, accessories, and new site features regularly. I’m still working with them on sizing (I definitely have 8 listed as my dress size!), but have found their customer service kind, prompt, and cheerful.

Sizing: The shirts fit, but I couldn’t zip the dress in a size 6. I asked them for it in an 8 or a 10. I’m 34DD/28/38, 155 lbs.

Referrals: I will receive a $25 credit if you subscribe to Le Tote. You and I will both receive 25% off our next purchase if you join Gilt City. Order on RueLaLa and I will receive a $10 credit. I will receive a $10 credit if you order a Golden Tote.


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