Bulu Box Weight Loss: April 2014 Review

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription featuring fitness-centric samples such as snacks and supplements.


It’s $10 a month (though they have frequent deals for half off subscriptions) and comes in two options: Bulu Box, featuring general health and wellness samples, and Bulu Box Weight Loss, supporting a goal of losing weight. I subscribe to the weight loss box.


The enclosed card gives more info on the contents on the box, which can vary depending on how you filled out a survey of your goals. Mine focused entirely on weight loss, but things like boosting your immune system, getting more energy, and better sleep were also options.


I love cereal and am always looking for healthy ones. I’m excited to try this one, which has a ton of protein!


You pour these powders in your coffee to prevent it from staining your teeth. I do not drink coffee at all and don’t see how this relates to weight loss, so it was a total fail for me.


PMS supplements. Also unusable for me. Going in the swap pile.


I’m really interested in weight loss supplements, so this was a hit for me. You take one in the morning, then one right before exercising. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow when I run!


Instant cold tea packets on the go. I am not a tea drinker. Swap pile!


This thyroid supplement is of interest to me. I’m slightly hypothyroid and have had great success with supplements in the past.

Verdict: I pre-paid for a year of Bulu Box Weight Loss for $55 on a half-off deal. It’s been fun discovering new wellness products I never would have found on my own. Some of their sample choices can be puzzling though.

Referral: Use this link to sign up for Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss and I will receive a $5 credit.

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