Memebox: Global #9 Review



Memebox gathers Korean beauty products in boxes ranging from $15 for Minis to $70 for Supers. Shipping is around $7 from Korea. The boxes arrive well-insulated in a bubblewrap package.


Inside is a cheery pink box!


For most boxes, you don’t know what products you’ll receive, though some “naked boxes” list all contents on the site and sound much naughtier than they actually are, which is not at all. Other boxes have themes like “men’s” or “masks,” while others contain just one brand like Missha or Tonymoly. The box I picked is pretty much their standard box, called a Global Box. It’s the ninth one they’ve produced.


The products’ packaging is entirely in Korean, which is cool but makes me grateful for the explanatory card in English that comes in the box. I dream of learning Korean, but am not quite ready yet!


Global Boxes contain a nice mix of skincare and makeup, as well as full, deluxe, and trial sizes.


Kerasys Oriental Premium Shampoo: 200g ($15 value)

I used to use a tsubaki shampoo and would normally be excited to try something similar, and this is a deluxe size. However, I’m headed to the salon on Friday and will be stocking up on stuff there, so this is going in the swap pile.


Luna Wonder Essential BB Foundation in #21 Nudy Beige: 5ml ($5 value)

Foundation for pale people: hooray! I’m still trying to find my footing in the BB Cream world, so I look forward to trying this out. It’s trial size.


Jaminkyung Gokmul Care Creamy Cleansing Masque: 100ml ($45 value)

This is a full size product that can be used as a foaming cleanser, exfoliant, and masque! I’m a little overwhelmed and need to figure out my favorite application for it.


25cc Hairbooster: 25ml ($23 value)

The packaging for this one is hilarious. It’s a deep conditioner, which I haven’t used in a long time. My hair will thank me for this! It’s full size.


Savio Magic Count Down 7 days EGF & Multi-Peptide: 5ml ($30 value)

Seven days to “achieving the healthy and energetic skin tone!” OK, I’ll bite. I’m not entirely sure what this is (a serum?) but it’s full, size and my face could certainly use some energy.


ElleGirl I Say Tint You Say Gloss in 05 Hardcore Red: 5ml ($23 value)

Nopenopenope! I’m not even sure I would wear this color on a dare. This full-size brick red gloss/tint would look good on someone, just not me! Unless I’m going for Ronald McDonald red hair/red lip chic. Swap ahoy!


Botanic Hill Boh Moist & Radiant Youth Ampule Essence: 5ml each ($8 total value)

Again, not entirely sure what these things are. They seem to be trial sizes of some kind of serum. I’ll be trying them out in the hopes of becoming more moist and radiant.

Verdict: I am normally a stickler for no animal testing and no animal ingredients. However, since I randomly watched Boys Over Flowers on Netflix one day, I’ve become obsessed with all things Korean, including television, music, and beauty, and I’m willing to let my standards slide. I paid around $30 including shipping for this box, and the value is well over that, especially since many of these products would be impossible to find in the States. The hardest part of Memebox is ordering around a month in advance, then waiting for them to ship. I estimated the sizing and value of some of the contents based on their full size value.

Referral: You get $2 in credit just for creating a Memebox account. Emailing and telling them I referred you will earn us both an additional $5 in credit.


Julep Plié Wand: First Use

My first attempt at using the new Julep Plié Wand. It’ll take some getting used to, but I can definitely see improved control, especially when using my non-dominant hand.

And my friends are right: I do make some really weird faces!

Le Tote: April 22, 2014 Review

Le Tote is the Netflix of fashion: for $50 a month, they send you clothes and accessories, you wear them, then you send them back. It’s two-day shipping each way, so you can get a few boxes each month. There’s also an accessories-only subscription. You can keep anything you like at a discounted price.
If you keep an eye out on sites like Gilt City or RueLaLa, you’ll often find it on sale for $30-$35 a month.
In my latest Le Tote, I received the Olive + Oak Nautical Blouse in Medium, Gia Layered Tank in Medium, Sugarhill Tex Mix dress in a 6
Teardrop Earrings, and Tiny Triangle Necklace. These items were all from my Favorites, so no surprises this time.
The blouse fit well and was comfy. I put a cardigan over it later when it got chilly.
I paired the earrings with my Priddy by Puella swing dress from Golden Tote. They were fun, but a little too heavy for my ears.
The Gia tank was fun and funky. A good fit, but the tweed details and dark color make it more of a winter piece. I added a faux leather jacket to it later.
The Tiny Triangle necklace was everything I love in jewelry: delicate, versatile, and gold. I hope to see more items like it in future Le Totes.
This is not the Sugarhill Tex Mex Dress. This is what I wore instead of the Sugarhill Tex Mix Dress. Lately, size 6 and I haven’t been getting along. We could have struck a compromise and I could have worn it unzipped and unable to move my arms or chest or breathe. I don’t like compromises.

Verdict: Le Tote is tied with Golden Tote as my favorite subscription. I enjoy commitment-free style and doing less laundry. They introduce new clothing, accessories, and new site features regularly. I’m still working with them on sizing (I definitely have 8 listed as my dress size!), but have found their customer service kind, prompt, and cheerful.

Sizing: The shirts fit, but I couldn’t zip the dress in a size 6. I asked them for it in an 8 or a 10. I’m 34DD/28/38, 155 lbs.

Referrals: I will receive a $25 credit if you subscribe to Le Tote. You and I will both receive 25% off our next purchase if you join Gilt City. Order on RueLaLa and I will receive a $10 credit. I will receive a $10 credit if you order a Golden Tote.

Julep Maven: May 2014 Review

Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish subscription box. For $20 a month, you’ll receive a mix of Julep nail polish and beauty products. Other perks include free shipping, 20% off at, earning free credits, and more. There are several different box options each month. For May, I picked the Bombshell.
This month was a special edition. Julep did a crowdfunding to create the Plie Wand. It’s an extended “wand” that snaps onto your nail polishes to change (and allegedly improve) the way you paint your nails. It comes with the standard brush, but you can also buy ones for spotting and striping.
I’m excited to give it a try and could definitely see myself getting the Creativity Kit for it someday.
The two polishes include in this month’s Bombshell box were Saaya, a golden apricot shimmer, and Laree, a golden pink taffeta shimmer. A bonus for those of us who crowdfunded was Yumi, a pink, silver, and holographic glitter. I LOVE these colors for summer. I’m thinking poolside cocktails… (can’t wait for my Vegas vacation in June!). And I will never say no to glitter!
In addition was a coupon for the site, a coupon for an upcoming Glycolic hand scrub, and detailed instructions for using the new Plie wand. Vegeta, my cat, was not included in the box.

Verdict: Also not included was a topcoat I added on to this month’s box… I contacted customer service about it. They’ve always replied promptly and professionally, so I’m not worried. This is the first box I’ve opted into for a while (if you joined the Maven program before December 2013, you have the option to skip months; newcomers unfortunately do not). I love the colors and am excited for the wand. I also love that Julep donates some proceeds to charity, uses natural ingredients, and I’m a huge fan of their parlors here in Seattle. This box is a great value!
Edit: Because Julep sent the Maven boxes out early, they’re shipping addons separately this month. Thanks for the info, Jessie!

Referral: If you purchase a membership through my link, you will receive your first box free and I will receive a $10 credit.

Popbasic: The Ashbury Collection Review

Popbasic creates monthly clothing “microcollections” (outfits) available for $50-100 a month. It’s not a subscription service: instead you sign up to be e-mailed when a new microcollection is released. It’s a one-time purchase and you’re not locked into any monthly fees. Shipping is free and there are no hidden fees.


Maddy from Popbasic kindly sent me the Ashbury Collection to review.


The box came with a style card, care instructions for the skirt, a tights coupon code, and a nice note from Maddy.


It also came with a bunch of artistically packaged perfume samples with an informative scent guide. I’m excited to try these!


The Ashbury Collection consists of a black tank (my camera makes it look navy here), vegan leather skirt, and collar necklace. I received the clothing in a small. The necklace is one size. The tank is buttery soft and I love that the skirt is vegan!


When I first saw the collection, I thought “Audrey Hepburn.” I tried to recreate a little of her style here.


I think a punk vibe is a little more me.


Here I paired it with a Le Tote tank for those warmer spring days.


The Seattle weather is still fairly cool, so I could get away with wearing this.


Professional, with a pop of red.

Verdict: Styling this collection pushed me out of my comfort zone (which is girly dresses, bright colors, and pops of nerdiness!). It strikes me as more fall weather fashion than summer’s just around the corner. However, with the quality of clothing, the price is a steal. And it runs large; wearing smalls makes me very happy! I looked at their other collections and the brighter colors and feminine dresses make those much more up my alley. I will definitely be keeping an eye on their site for pretty summer dresses with simple gold jewelry.
Edit: I just e-mailed customer service at 9 PM on a Monday. Maddy replied within minutes. Wow!

Sizing: I am 5’4″, 155 lbs, 34DD/28/38. The one size necklace fit well with room to tighten or loosen. The tank fit perfectly in a small. I would size up to a medium in the skirt; it was a little tight in the waist. I checked their site and you can buy the clothing pieces in individual sizes.

Links: You and I will each receive a $15 credit if you sign up for Popbasic. I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up for Le Tote.

Bulu Box Weight Loss: April 2014 Review

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription featuring fitness-centric samples such as snacks and supplements.


It’s $10 a month (though they have frequent deals for half off subscriptions) and comes in two options: Bulu Box, featuring general health and wellness samples, and Bulu Box Weight Loss, supporting a goal of losing weight. I subscribe to the weight loss box.


The enclosed card gives more info on the contents on the box, which can vary depending on how you filled out a survey of your goals. Mine focused entirely on weight loss, but things like boosting your immune system, getting more energy, and better sleep were also options.


I love cereal and am always looking for healthy ones. I’m excited to try this one, which has a ton of protein!


You pour these powders in your coffee to prevent it from staining your teeth. I do not drink coffee at all and don’t see how this relates to weight loss, so it was a total fail for me.


PMS supplements. Also unusable for me. Going in the swap pile.


I’m really interested in weight loss supplements, so this was a hit for me. You take one in the morning, then one right before exercising. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow when I run!


Instant cold tea packets on the go. I am not a tea drinker. Swap pile!


This thyroid supplement is of interest to me. I’m slightly hypothyroid and have had great success with supplements in the past.

Verdict: I pre-paid for a year of Bulu Box Weight Loss for $55 on a half-off deal. It’s been fun discovering new wellness products I never would have found on my own. Some of their sample choices can be puzzling though.

Referral: Use this link to sign up for Bulu Box or Bulu Box Weight Loss and I will receive a $5 credit.